Thank You Based God

Lil B inspired students at NYU Wednesday night with such messages such as, “Ay, bruh, I’ma tell you the real secrets of life, bruh. Ay, bruh, feel me, bruh, I got the real secrets. For real, bro. For real. Real talk: the secrets of life? Look at everybody like they’re a baby. Remember like, man, we’re young. Don’t be so hard on people. We’re just little baby insects or mammals or whatever. You feel me?” Based God is growing.  “Don’t let other people’s stereotypes or stigmas or words put you in a box. Don’t let that run your day. Don’t be depressed anymore. Believe in yourself. Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror like, “Ew, really?” For real. I went to the mirror, man, I’m like, “Damn. How? How am I succeeding?” Y’all make me feel gorgeous, but sometimes you go to the mirror like, “Oh my god, I’m not that gorgeous.” But it’s all from your heart though, and that’s why you can always feel gorgeous, one hundred percent. To say “I’m not that gorgeous” is only a reflection of the media. You are gorgeous. I’m telling you. You are what you believe you are. You are a model. You are a rapper. You are a student. You are a positive person. Don’t let these words feel like you’re different. Nobody is different, I’m telling you, and nobody asked to be born. I’m telling you, bro, I’m telling you. I’m telling you.” Thank you Based God for speaking the unscripted truth at NYU and for inspiring a generation

The full transcript from Lil B’s lecture at NYU can be found here:


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